Do you sell my data?


Charges & Fees

• boooring application contains many high quality wallpapers. Application may use your internet data heavily. Please be aware of the additional charges from Internet Data Provider or Mobile Carrier. You are responsible for all of the data fee charges.


• You are not allowed to share wallpaper (original or derivative) and/or use it for commercial purposes in any circumstance. Strictly only for personal use. Exception: If wallpaper has been applied on a device and user would like to share a screenshot of homescreen setup, it is allowed to show off wallpaper in such context with giving proper credit to wallpaper's creator.

External Services

• boooring uses OneSignal for notification delivery. User can select not to receive them. Only unique IDs are collected. No personally identifiable information is collected.

• boooring uses Back4App – a backend service used as wallpaper storage and allowing users to sign up & sign in to their accounts. The only personally identifiable information collected are email addresses. It is advised to use "Hide My Email" during the Sign-Up with Apple process.

Account Deletion

Email me the email address you have used for the sign-up. If you have selected to hide your email address during the sign-up, then please indicate approximate last time of login. Yes, boooring is so privacy focused it is hard to trace down accounts 😳


  1. First revision - 16/6/2017
  2. Second revision - 20/8/2019
  3. Third revision - 29/10/2019
  4. Fourth revision - 1/9/2020
  5. Fifth revision - 1/3/2020


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